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'In any land what is there more glorious than sunlight! Even here in the desert where it falls fierce and hot like a rain of meteors, it is the one supreme beauty to which all things pay allegiance ... The chief glory of the desert is its broad blaze of omnipresent light.'
-John Van Dyke

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

New Poster: Butterflies of Arizona

It's done!

To my insect poster collectors and bug friends: After publishing my first 4 arthropod posters (see below), I have been asked for a butterfly poster more times than I can remember. But there is so much good stuff out on Butterflies ... I was a little intimidated. Now I think I have put together a collection that does justice to the unique diversity of Arizona and at the same time looks beautiful.
Many thanks to Ken Kertell, who allowed me to use a number of his excellent photos!
So I'm introducing my new poster, 'Butterflies of Arizona', with numbered template and corresponding species list
The size is 18 in by 24 in, it is printed on heavy, semigloss art paper with my giclee printer. That's really art print quality, not poster quality, and it will not fade.
Cost: $35 plus shipping. 
Order at, pay through paypal (I'll invoice)
 These are also still available, all selling separately, of course. Same price as the new one.


  1. Liebe Margarethe,

    welch geniale Bilder,
    in diese sehr schönen Insektenfotos kann man sich verlieben und nicht sattsehen.
    Viel Erfolg bei all Deinen Projekten und beim Verkauf.
    Werde dieser Tage einen Link bei mir reinsetzen im Blog.
    Das ist doch o.k.?

    Herzlichste Grüsse
    fliegen um den Erdball zu Dir ins schöne Arizona


    1. Danke fuer den lieben Kommentar! Natuerlich waere ein Shout-out von Deiner Seite ganz toll. Ich hab schon ein paar ueber's Meer geschickt. Das Geld geht alles auf ein Konto fuer ein Arizona Kaefer Buch das fast druckfertig ist, aber noch finanziert warden muss