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'In any land what is there more glorious than sunlight! Even here in the desert where it falls fierce and hot like a rain of meteors, it is the one supreme beauty to which all things pay allegiance ... The chief glory of the desert is its broad blaze of omnipresent light.'
-John Van Dyke

Saturday, January 27, 2018

New Items for the Tubac Fair

I just picked up tiles and coffee mugs with some of my images. The tiles are 8 in by 10 in, rather big. They can be grouted. Different sizes can be ordered.

The mugs are also good sized, they can take the content of a soda can. The colors came out very well ( I just took this quick photo in the living room where the light is not very natural) and the detail is great.
The process is called sublimation.  It requires special "ink".  It is really super-finely ground pigment sprayed on a special prepared paper.  It requires 400° heat applied under pressure. The image is incorporated into the glazed surface, not just sitting on top. So the surface is smooth and shiny and the cups can be washed in the dishwasher. Now I have to find out how they'll sell! The Tubac show is coming up on the 7th of February - that'll be the test!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Art Show at La Encantada Next Weekend

Backyard Marauders: Javelinas
Saturday and Sunday in the courtyard of La Encantada on Campbell and Sunrise. See my newest painting 'Javelina Visit' and many other original watercolors and prints

Our backyard gets visitors periodically, even though it's fenced as a dog run. They (the Javelinas) systematically uproot dozens of mamillaria cacti and eat the roots. So we pick up the buds and put them into sand-filled pots to reroot, then plant them for the next invasion. To get at least something out of it, I made the whole party pose for a painting.